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Motion Controlled Winter Watering System (36 inch Bowl)

The Motion-Controlled Winter Watering System is the ultimate winter system, because it is 100% freeze-proof when installed and maintained properly.

It does not require an artificial heat source, regardless of how few animals may be using the system. In the case of a solar powered system, the power required to operate the motion eye and the pump is supplied by deep cycle batteries, which are recharged by the solar panels. This system is sized according to the number of animals it will be required to water. The heavy duty plastic bowl, mounted on top of a vertical well casing, is filled by

means of a submersible pump which operates only when animals are present. When the last animal leaves, the bowl drains dry, thus preventing freeze-up.
The water in the casing is maintained below the frost line, and is supplied either by gravity feed from a dugout/reservoir or by a pressurized line.

Motion Controlled Winter Watering System (36 inch Bowl)

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