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ETA HR04-24V Submersible Pump System

The ETA HR series submersible is a positive displacement unit consisting of a helical rotor and stator -type pump, connected to a brushless,continuous duty motor. This series comes in a variety of models suited for specific well depths and output requirements. It has a speed control, which can reduce output from its maximum - useful for low output wells.

Typically used in a well, an HR Series pump can
be equipped with an optional float for surface applications
, such as dugouts/reservoirs and because of it’s stainless steel interior, it is resistant to wear by abrasive material. Pumping can be controlled by a float switch, or optionally, by using a pressure tank/switch to supply a pressurized pipeline. The ETA HR pump can also run Solar Direct (without batteries).

ETA HR04-24V Submersible Pump System

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